Indeed an ingenious creation

Taking the baking to the next level. landscape-1456932823-hummingbird-cake Continue reading


Variation of recipes for leftovers!!!

Even a morsel of food has become a toilsome job at present.  Continue reading

Before and After restorations

Restoring a broken down trailers is a huge process but the end results are too worthy. atlantic Continue reading

Updates on Nokia 3310

There is more information to be gathered on the Nokia 3310

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It’s Tuesday


Season of Lent

lent2The Lenten season starts with fasting on Ash Wednesday and ends with Easter Sunday.  Continue reading

Recipes with petite methods

51102_640x428Even a negligible amount ingredients can give the best of mouth watering dishes.  Continue reading


Our Children are the love of our life. hands-istock-infant-holding-mothers-hand-bw Continue reading

Good Morning

“The best way to avoid disappointment is not to expect anything from anyone”flowers-daisy-vase-1600x900-wallpaper_www-miscellaneoushi-com_10

Finger-licking snacks for those ankle-biters!

phpthumb_generated_thumbnailThe kiddies fall in love with every fried snack that is offered to them.  Continue reading