Books, Source of Wealth

The unnoticed sidekick in one’s life is a book. They influence our lives with words which bring an emotional closeness to the past present and future. We feed our brains when reading books. They nourish us with a whole lot of nourishment. It improves our language in which we try to converse and whence, the better as to what we read better will be our reasoning and pursuits. We tend to express ourselves.

Books alleviate the language.

We seem to be conversing in the way we read the books. This sheds more light on the communication side as we are able to pick up the right word to express ourselves.

Source of inspiration.

It acts as a connection between the man and his life, as we all know that the world of a man is big as his head. We time travel mentally when we read, which succor in revealing more about places, individuals, customs, traditions, laws, and a lot more of characters. A true fact is that every great personality has derived inspiration from reading books at some point.

Enhancing characteristics.

A real exercise for the brain is reading books. We tend to connect ourselves with the characters or scenarios that are imposed in the novel which also makes one good in creativity. A good book with chaste characters is sure to revamp you into a better person.

Knowledge guide.

Books are the source of knowledge through which comes confidence. Continuous & extensive reading, be it only novels or short stories, there is a raise in the vocabulary & grammar standards which makes a little at par at feeling like a expertise in a subject.

Great influence on children

Children get to stack up a more knowledge in their years to come when reading a book which yields in improving their cognitive skills as it’s a growing mind. Bondage is present with your child when a book is read to them creating a feeling of being loved and more attention is induced as well. This favours a better communication skill level for the child and the parent.

audio-vs-printed-booksEven a dormant mind would wake up while reading a simple novel because it is possible to imagine that the author is whispering the lines as we read on. So the better kind of books we read, the better and more refined our thoughts and activities become. Decades pass after the deaths of the authors but they still are alive and continue teaching lessons of life through their writings, making books immortal and never-ending.


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