For that someone special!

Valentine’s day is around the corner and it’s always a delight in gifting on the special day. And it would be more satisfied when the gift is made by our own hands. Learn some easy DIY projects to make the day even more valuable.

Valentines Day Roast Potato Heartspotato-hearts-cooked-1-380x457

It’s always a pressure having a dinner with the person we love on the special day. Make it a memorable one with these potato hearts fry which will be relished forever.

Baking starts here

3D Origami Heart box


Fill up this dainty box with heart candies and goodies for a fabulous day. This might look complicated but when we embark on the journey to craft this for our loved one, it would always seem to shape up the right way. Let’s get started with this.

Fold! Fold! Fold!

3D Heart Pop Greeting card


Get your papers, cards, scissor and glue ready for another simple yet elegant gift for him or her for this Valentine’s day. Pour in your sweet message in this cute greeting card that you are about to make.

Over to the crafting!


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